What is Web Design

Web Design is the process of collecting information, ideas, requirements, and recommendations to create an image based on best practices and competition so that one’s layout, colors, graphics, fonts, & content is unique, user friendly, and visually compelling.

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The Elements of Web Design

Web design consists of the following key elements:

Layout – Is the structure and arrangement of which graphics, ads, and content will be placed.
Colors – Is the scheme of which colors collide to enhance both the content and design.
Graphics – Is the collection of logos, photos, and visuals used to enhance both the content and design.
Media – Is the collection of advertisement, videos, or flash to provide more purpose to the content.
Fonts – Is the way in which people will read your content in an effective yet easy way.
Content – Is the text used throughout the website giving each page a purpose or point.

These key elements will guide you into creating the best web design fit for you or your clients.