Web Design Facts

Below you will find the best web design facts that money can’t buy. That’s right, because it’s our duty to educate you about why having the best web design matters. Read through our web design facts and contact us if you have any questions.


If You Can Tell It’s Old, Time For Change

Visitors and new customers today don’t easily trust not up-to-date websites based on the look. Trying to sell a product or service? Having an older look for a web design can hurt your product or service growth and may lead to loss profit because of it. Change may be exactly what you need to jump back into the spot light where you deserve to be.

Keep It Simple, Rainbow Colors Don’t Always Help

Does your website have more than one color? What about more than 15 or 20 colors? Having tons of colors draw away from the purpose of the website or the intentions of a web page. Too much of something can also come across as annoying or hard to navigate through. You should keep your web design simple with minimal colors as possible. Some of the best websites only use less than 5 colors. Your content should be easy to read, your calls-to-action should stand out the most, and the structure of your website should be easy to make out.

Is the Message Clear, It Should Be

Your message whether it’s selling a service, selling a product, or providing information throughout the web should always stand out so no customer or visitor shall ever be confused. By having a congested page full of pictures, links, non-relevant information, etc., you’re deviating from the purpose of the page. Keep your message clear by eliminating things around it that may cause confusion. Place your call-to-action next to or below your message so your customers have a clear understanding of what they need to do.

It Should Load Fast Even on the Slowest Computer

Did you know that your page load time affects your customers visit duration and page rankings? It’s true. One key mistake that is used when creating websites is the use of images overtaking the design. This means that heavy images or colors improperly used to build the structure of the page results in slow loading times. Search engines want customers to find what they want quickly without having to wait. Thus hurting you if the size of your website pages are too big. Keep the design and look of your website simple using mainly background colors for the structure if you can get away with it. By eliminating the use of large image files like “.jpg’s” or “.jpeg’s” and using “.png” instead, you could increase your page load time by more than 200%.

Customers Only Return If They Trust You

You mean they might not come back? It’s true. When someone buys something from a website, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll go back. And worst of all, if your website or the design of your site is lacking professionalism or doesn’t provide enough trust, they’ll leave and go to your competitors. To help customers come back to your website, from start to finish, it’s best to provide a trustworthy website that’s simple and easy to use. Once you’ve done that, it’s always a great idea to collect feedback based on their experience to help improve where necessary. Another thing you want to do is ask them if they would like to join your newsletters so they can be emailed things from time to time reminding them about who you are, what you provide, and any promotions you’re currently providing to save them money.

Above the Fold Can Sell More Products

The fact is, the higher and less congested your products are with clear call-to-actions without having to scroll down the page, the better your products will sell. When customers are interested in buying a product they jump around until they have found actually what their looking for. By keeping your products high on the page and easy to understand like what it is, how much it is, and how to buy it, the better your site will attract more customers.

A Structured Page Is Always Key

A structured page is a consistent feel and look throughout the entire website. Keeping your headers, sidebars, and footers, in the same place will help your customers and visitors trust you. Having an unorganized website scares people not to mention no one will be able to remember where anything is if every page is different. By keeping your website consistent from your headers to your sidebars and footers, will result in returned customers and visitors.

Taking Notes & Doing Research Will Help You In The Long Run

Doing your own research and taking notes based on your findings could result in better traffic, more customers, and better rankings. The type of research we’re talking about is what your competitors are doing, what they have including products or services, what type of functionality they have, their web design, and any other indicators that might help you when redesigning or creating your new web design. This step is extremely important and could cost you time and money if not done at all.