Search Engine Ranking Guidelines

SEO Periodic TableEver wondered how websites rank? This SEO Periodic Table provides an in-depth understanding of how search engines favor specific methods regarding links, content, social, and more.

At Cocrele, we follow the best practices of all methods listed to improve your business. Negative practices of these methods could penalize your website, thus driving away business.

This SEO Periodic Table describes higher methods for ranking better in the search results. Items labeled +3, +2, and +1 are better for your website. (+3 being better than +2 and so on) Negative methods including -3, -2, and -1 will hurt your rankings in the search results. Why are negative methods bad? Negative methods are easy, fast, and/or repetitive. Think of a superhero. If everyone was a superhero, would anyone be? Search Engines use trust, quality, research, and freshness to determine how well your website is before it can be ranked within the search results.

As long as you stick to these search engine ranking guidelines, you’ll be fine.

Brett Melton, CEO of, is Cocrele's #1 designer, developer, and marketing specialist. He's been recognized for his Web Design, SEO, Local Marketing, & Free Website Reviews since 2009. Contact him today to improve your business.
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