Responding to Bad Customer Reviews

Responding To Bad Customer ReviewsUnfortunately, bad customer reviews can hurt your business. When dealing with customers, it’s best to be polite, helpful, and willing to sacrifice time, money, or services in order to make sure your customers needs are always met. Why is this important? Customers, in most cases, are excited to purchase products and if their experience, product, or money isn’t taken seriously, they will probably get upset and leave you a negative review. Over 90% of consumers now read online customer reviews.

Why Respond To Bad Customer Reviews

If a customer leaves you a bad customer review, the best thing to do is to respond in a polite manner addressing any issues, concerns, or lack of attention. Because all reviews are public, not responding to bad reviews will leave your online readers or future customers wondering whether or not it’s true. Addressing their concerns should be your top priority.

Here’s why you should respond to bad reviews:

  • Over 90% of consumers now read online reviews. Potential customers, including the public, will eventually read your reviews. So, it’s important to respond to every review in a positive and polite manner.
  • It’s the polite thing to do. Whether a complaint is in person, over the phone, or online, the best approach is to respond in a polite manner addressing every concern.
  • All reviews are public. Search engines provide a great opportunity to help new customers by displaying your reviews. So, at all costs, always respond and respond well.

How To Respond To Good Reviews

Here are some perfect examples of how to respond to bad reviews:

  • Hi (name), we take all issues very seriously and would like to correct this for you the next time you visit us. again, our apologizes.
  • (name), thank you for providing us with you review. Unfortunately, our policy is (policy) and we tried other attempts to accommodate your needs to fix your issue.
  • Hello (name) and thank you for taking he time to leave us a review. Your experience with us should have been better which is why I wanted you to know personally that we have hired new staff so that this doesn’t happen again. We would also like to accommodate you the next time you visit. Please ask for (owner) if you decide to visit us again.
  • Good morning (name). We carefully examined our security footage and asked you multiple times to leave due to (customer complaints, bad behavior, past hours, etc). At (business name), we don’t tolerate (what). If you would like to return to our business, please contact us.
  • Thanks for leaving us your review (name). In light of this issue, I was able to speak with my staff about correcting these issues. Please visit us again soon to try our new (product or service) as our new methods have improved and our customers couldn’t be happier.
  • Hi (name). Your issue was handled very professionally and quickly from our senior staff and according to our security footage and customer complaints, your review isn’t how everything happened. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to visit us again.
  • We’re very sorry for the experience you had with us. As mentioned during your visit, we would love to correct this issue for you. Please contact us or visit us again soon. We also recently came out with a new (product, service, etc.) and would love for you to try it on us.
  • (name), we understand your very upset with us about your experience but when the police arrived after our efforts to remove you from our property, based on customer complaints and being over the legal consumption limit, we feel we took the right precaution to keep our other customers safe.
  • Hi (name). Unfortunately, in some events like bad weather, times may be delayed to keep everyone safe. Our policy states (this). Please contact (owner) if you feel this issue should still be addressed. Thanks.
  • Good Evening (name). As we hired new staff recently and they’re still learning, we would love to correct this issue for you and we’re very sorry for the experience you had with us on (date). Please contact (owner) as we would love to resolve your issues promptly.

Bad Review Q & A

No. Each review whether it’s good or bad should be handled personally. This lets the customer, future customers, and online readers know that your business takes care of it’s customers.

Yes. It’s best to be honest when responding to bad customer reviews. Future customers and online readers will understand better why things may have happened and that you did the best thing either by your business or the other customers. If you feel your business could have done better or you would like to correct the issue anyway, let them know by asking them to contact you. In some industries, leaving feedback based on providing free alternatives, may open your business up to more bad reviews (meaning, this method may get a customer free food.), so be careful and always be polite and professional when responding to bad reviews.

Responding to Bad Customer Reviews (Recap)

  • Always be polite and professional when responding to reviews.
  • Respond to all reviews, whether they’re good, bad, or fake.
  • Take your time when responding to reviews.
  • Make sure to respond personally to each review.

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