Google Blocks Resources

Google Blocks ResourcesDid you know that Google can block your website resources? It’s true. Assuming that you already have Google Search Console setup, by following these steps, you will be able to search, find, and fix your blocked resources.

  1. Visit:
  2. Select Your Property/Website
  3. View Your Pages Affected
  4. Click Crawl on the left side and then Fetch as Google
  5. Click Fetch and Render (including all URLs)
  6. Wait until Google has partially or completed your render
  7. Under Path, Click “/” or URL
  8. View the Blocked URLs below
  9. Next to each one, Click robtos.txt Tester
  10. At the bottom, Click the URL and then Test
  11. Remove the highlighted line and then re-test
  12. Complete the same steps for the remaining blocked resources
  13. Once you have fixed all of your blocked resources, upload your new robots.txt file to your server (root)

Keep in mind that if you don’t want search engines crawling specific directories, like login or password enabled directories, then leave them intact as it’s more important for Google to not index those files or pages. It might also take Google some time to complete your requests. (Weeks/Months)

Help with Google Blocked Resources

Need help? We would be glad to help you with your website. These blocked resources are part of our services as well so if your continually having issue, please tell us so we can help your business or website succeed for the future.

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