4th of July – 2013

4th of July happens to be one of the greatest holidays throughout the year. Why is that? THE FIREWORKS! Throughout each city, you should be able to discover a fireworks booth full of fireworks to buy and choose from. Warning, call and verify the proper age to own, purchase, or use fireworks.

Watching fireworks on the 4th of July has always been a great experience to enjoy with your significant other, kids, or loved ones. Over 900 million dollars in fireworks are purchased each year by individuals, cities, companies, etc., to be displayed throughout the world. Each firework show is displayed differently unless performed by the same company.

Firework shows are performed at best in big cities. Do some research online and view the population of your surrounding cities. A population of 12,500 people will have a smaller show than a city with 165,000 people. If you’re looking for a great show, you might have to travel outside your city to see a good show.

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy your 4th of July.

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